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To my fellow Texas Young Republicans

To my fellow Texas Young Republicans,

It is with a heavy heart that I am unable to join you all this weekend. Since 2014 I have not missed a convention, a quarterly, or a board meeting so I assure you, this decision was not made lightly. While I am not able to attend in person this year I want to guarantee this is not my exit from Young Republicans. I am still dedicated to fighting for conservative principles, electing conservative candidates, and promoting millennial voter outreach.

Although I have no current intention of leaving the young republicans, I am concerned about the future of our Texas organization. Over the past year I have witnessed a lack of passion and dedication. I have witnessed our elected board members using their status and elected position for personal gain and to further personal vendettas.

As you all prepare to vote for the future of the our organization I want to remind our delegates and alternates that this is YOUR organization. You pass our platform, our resolutions, and you are the face of the Texas Young Republican Federation.

Texas is the greatest state in the nation and it is time TYRF started acting like the greatest state federation in the nation. The divisiveness, polarization, and manipulation has to end. President Trump coined the term "drain the swamp," and it is time that sentiment is shared by the TYRF delegation. I encourage you all to have a voice and to use your voice for the betterment of our organization and to vote for individuals who will represent YOU and not themselves.

It has been a pleasure to represent Texas as your National Committeewoman and I thank you for the opportunity. I will continue to serve our members and our state and national organizations.

For Texas,

Felisha A. Bull

National Committeewoman, Texas Young Republican Federation

President, Hill Country Young Republicans